odd creature
I have found 3 of these little holes in my backyard, within 6 inches of each other. There is a little creature inside each one, but they are very cautious little things! I had to sneak up to get this picture, and it took several tries. They are usually hidden inside but occasionally they come to the top of the hole and just sit there, like this one is doing. They’re very fast and duck back down into their holes if you get too close too fast. I put little twigs into the holes to see what they would do, and each one would push the stick out. One of them pushed the twig out with so much force that it flew a good 6 inches away from the hole! I dug away at one of the holes, and the next morning this little guy had reconstructed his tunnel and re-formed a very neat little hole. I am very curious as to what these are! Wish I had a better picture 🙁

Hi Amanda,
The larva of the Tiger Beetle is an expert in the ambush. It waits in its hole until prey passes and then it lunges and captures the unwary insect or arthropod.

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