Hello we live in Columbus, Ohio and Iam trying to identify this moth. My son ’s bug book shows an Atlas moth but they are from Asia. Any info would be great. Have a great day!

Hi Jen,
The Cecropia Moths in your photo and Atlas Moths are in the same family, Saturnidae, so the error is understandable. Thanks for sending us your photo of mating Cecropia Moths.

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  1. David Orr says:

    Friends and I have been watching a strange coccoon all winter. Today a beautiful, very large month came from the coccoon. We took several pictures and investigated what type of moth it was. Our pictures match in everyway to a moth called Cecropia.
    We are located in the south western mountains of North Carolina at Brevard. Elevation 3,500 ft. apprx.
    Never seen a moth like this before. is this out of range for these type of moths? Thank you.

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