Bugman, I found quite a few of these guys hangin out on my roses here in Southern California this morning. I think they are Aphids and are about to move on to the next level of their spiritual journey as soon as I can find the rose spray. I know that you are not into carnage on global scale but…………… They are very interesting looking upclose and personal.

Hi Rus,
We have no problem killing Aphids, but we prefer to shoot them off the plants with a strong jet of water, or occasionally, spray them with soapy water. While your Aphid photo is wonderful, we are thrilled with the Aphid Wasp you have sent in. Aphid Wasps are in the family Aphidiidae. They are small parasitoid wasps that lay eggs in the abdomen of aphids. The larva then devours the Aphid’s internal organs, leaving a dry hollow shell known as an Aphid Mummy. Looks like nature is taking care of your Aphid problem.

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