Beetle, pest, harmless or just visiting?
BugmanI just this morning discovered your site. It’s a great resource. Unfortunately I didn’t take the time to look for this little (beetle ?) I have been searching the web for them and have grown weary of looking at hundreds of pictures. What are these little guys, and/or gals.I’ve never seen them before. This cluster is a little smaller in size than a dime. We live in central Virginia. I just found them Monday the 22nd sunning themselves. They were hanging out on our compost bin. We have been gardening now for about 10 years and have either:
(A) Overlooked these tiny aliens.
(B) They are at a stage of development that we have never noticed.
(C) They just arrived.
Thanks in advance and we look foreword to exploring your site.
Scott & Claudia Inge

Hi Scott and Claudia,
These are [NOT]immature Burrowing Bugs, probably Sehirus cinctus.

Correction (05/26/2006) immature burrowing bugs-a correction
Just wanted to let you know that the bugs identified as immature burrowing bugs (05/25/2006) are actually the larvae of a predatory pentatomid, Euthyrhynchus floridanus. According to the latest catalogue, they are found in eastern United States, from PA south to Mexico and Brazil. Great job with your site!
Arthur V. Evans, D.Sc.
Research Associate, Dept. of Entomology ,
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Dept. of Recent Invertebrates
Virginia Museum of Natural History

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