Oleander Sphinx Moth picture
Dearest Bugman,
Our 9 year old daughter came running into the house late one evening. "DADDY!! There’s a HUGE butterfly outside on the wall!! Nature lovers that we are, I went running outside in my pajamas, followed by our 13 year old son, to gaze on the latest wonders of creation. Lo and behold, one of the largest, most beautiful moths ever seen! We named it the "camouflage moth", as the colors were swirls of various shades of shimmering green, with some peach tinges thrown in for variety. The body was thick and heavy. We took some pictures and kept it for a couple of days to show the neighbors. When we sent it off, it flew off in a straight line with a low-pitched hum. I recently ran across your wonderful bug identification website, and was able to identify our friend as an Oleander Sphinx, Deilephila [Daphnis] nerii. Correct? There happen to be some oleander bushes in the park next door, so maybe that is why we were treated to the visit. We live in a northern neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel. Thanks for a beautiful and informative website!

Hi Moshe,
Thank you for your touching letter. It is wonderful that your photo has a hand for scale, revealing the size of your Oleander Hawk Moth.

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