Female Dobsonfly?
What an awesome website you have! We live in Des Moines, Iowa, less than 1 mile from the Des Moines River. Today we were out working in the yard and when I went to sit in my lawn chair, I discovered this creature had landed on it! We did a quick catch-and-release so we could get a good photo, and I thought you might like the shot of her from the front. We’re pretty sure… after Googling the string, bug wings pinchers, and finding your site… that it’s a female dobsonfly. Can you confirm? I have to say it’s probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen… but, fascinating nonetheless! Thanks for a fun and informative site!
Janet Green, Des Moines Iowa

Hi Janet,
We expect to be getting plenty of photos of Dobsonflies in the coming months. Eric Eaton has this to say about this specimen: “The female dobsonfly is likely a different kind of Fish Fly. Please see bugguide for the alternatives (Chauliodes sp??).”

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