big fuzzy ball
Is this a cocoon? It is growing all over the oak trees in my yard, and the trees are dying. Help! Thanks,

Hi Lynn,
Today we vowed not to do any work that needed to get done until we posted two interesting letters. Your letter officially fulfills our vow. This is a Wool Sower Gall which is produced by a tiny wasp, Callirhytis seminator. Galls are growths on various parts of plants, usually caused by a Gall Wasp or a type of mite. There are many species of Gall Wasps, and each has a specific host plant.The Wool Sower Gall uses the oak as a host. If your trees are dying, it is not because of the Wool Sower Gall as they have no negative impact on the trees.

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    I have found these this spring on shrubbery in my front yard not on trees. Will I harm (myself or the wasp) by removing or cutting these back?

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