moth love!
I wonder if you might tell me about this amorous pair. I photographed them in July in Cooperstown New York. Love the website!
Lisa Lazar

Hi Lisa,
This is the first photo we have received of the adult Bedstraw Hawk Moth, Hyles gallii. We have received images of the caterpillar in the past. Bill Oehlke has information on this moth on his wonderful Sphingidae site.

Wow! My photos made the front page of WHAT’S THAT BUG! There’s a wildflower called “Our Lady’s Bedstraw” which when I looked it up, also had the word “galium” in the Latin name, just like the moth does. Matresses must have been filled with this material, which was clearly particularly attractive to this moth… I found these two articles:
Thanks for your speedy reply. I find your website completely engrossing!
Lisa Lazar

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