Hi Bugman,
We get these Brochymena in Taiwan, and by the looks of it there will be a few more soon! The local parks are overrun with them. Are they a worldwide pest? It seems some recent photos from Germany were of the same species.
Great site!

Hi Tole,
We aren’t sure of your species and are reluctant to comment, other than to say your photo of Mating Pentatomids is a wonderful addition to our Bug Love pages.

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  1. tan2 says:

    These are Yellow-spotted stink bugs,
    Erthesina fullo (Thunberg).

    According to this paper ( this bug is a major pest of pine trees and hardwood tree in Taiwan (Kou et al., 1989). The odor from the male metathoracic scent gland elicits an alarm response, making the male individuals of the same species alert and dispersive. The alarm response of males is more obvious than that of the females.

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