Found this in our pool
Here’s another one for you. But first let me say that I found one of those wonderful giant waterbugs, Toe-Biters, swimming in our pool also. My girls jumped in and from under the rung on the ladder came swimming a dark shadow, I swore it was going after my eldest. I finally got it out but couldn’t find it after, That probably had to do with the fact that I flung the skimmer as far as I could, girls and me screaming the whole time. What a sight. LOL! These little critters here, about an inch long, have been swimming around in my pool also but I don’t think they are meant to only because I find them dead in there also. Any help with what they might be would be great. Not as scary as the giant waterbug but boy is it ugly.
Denise (Texas)

Hi Denise,
Mole Crickets oftne unwittingly stumble into pools.

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