What kind of bugs are these?
Hello bugman,
We have a serious bug problem going on right now…we are a screen printing/graphics company and have these little yellow / gold bugs that are eating us alive. Could you please tell us what kind of bugs these are, what are they attracted to and what can we do to get rid of them????
Thank you and have a great day!
Stephanie Crawley

Hi Stephanie,
We can’t tell much by your photo, but based on another letter with some awesome photomicroscopy images, we suspect these might be Thrips. Normally they are plant pests, but perhaps they are capable of biting skin as well.

4 Responses to probably more Thrips

  1. Susan says:

    Okay so I have little white bugs some of my like jelly some of our little hair some have wings. I think they’re starting to hatch on my body. I found a shell or a hatched egg. About the size of my thumb in my toolbox that is in my closet that is broken in my toolbox it’s in my closet cuz I live in the apartment. Pest Control has been coming for 3 weeks they did not come today they were supposed to I was saving some of these bugs to show them nobody seems to be concerned and I’m getting it up there getting it in my hair I went to the hospital they gave me the creamy rub all over your body and the trade of my body and my hair and they just keep coming back I’m pretty sure I have a variety of bugs here when the people upstairs moved out all the sudden today I got all these bugs in this apartment

  2. Mary says:

    Did you find any answers? There is the same infestation in my new house now. It has moved to my hair. The pest control company didn’t have answers for me either. However, the eggs or shells that they hatch out of are small and look like they are rolled in nearly invisible white or colored threads. Thanks

  3. Lyn lyn says:

    Please let me know too . I have the same problem. Going insane

  4. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    Me as well. I have an infestation under bathroom sink & under kitchen sink. Everyone thought I was losing my mind since it only affects me. Mine have moved on/expanded. It seems to have larva that emits little white and or black tiny, with wings. Also I have ones that flip their tale like on a scorpion.

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