Unidentified Beetle??
I need help identifying this beetle. I looked through the beetles on your site and couldn’t find one quite like this one. I started seeing larvae in our bedroom in late September. (About the time my antique bedroom suite came back from being refinished and stored in a warehouse. I was worried that they came with the bed.) The larvae looked similar to carpet beetle larvae. In fact the people who came to spray suggested that is what they were. Then they started to get larger. They are now crawling around the house. (They are not in any cabinets.) We had them come spray again and they could not identify the bug. We clean and vacuum all the time and they seem to keep coming back. Can you help us identify the bug so that we get rid of it? We live in a rural area near Memphis, Tennessee. The bug varies in size from .5 centimeter to 1.5 centimeters. The legs have are brown and varied. Please help! My son will be crawling soon and I want these critters gone!

Hi Laura,
The insects in your photo are Earwigs, not Beetles. They often enter homes, being attracted to lights, but they are basically harmless. The pincers can give a slight nip, but really can’t break the skin.

Update from Eric Eaton (01/04/2006)
” The earwigs are ringlegged earwigs, a pretty common, flightless species in urban areas.”

WTB? is Chastised!!!

earwig carnage answer
Mr. Bugman,
I am almost totally impressed by your site and your knowledge. Way cool nonetheless. “Almost” because I’m a bit disappointed by your answer to the person in Tennessee who hired a pest sprayer who couldn’t even identify an earwig (not high standards there fer sure). It seemed like a teaching moment, especially since she was more concerned about the presence of a harmless insect than the fact that she is spraying her house needlessly with a baby around. And she shouldn’t be hiring a total ignoramous to deal with her bug issues. Or maybe the carpet bug ID was a deliberate ruse to encourage her to spray.
Dave Tamayo
Sacramento, CA

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Location: Tennessee

2 Responses to Ringlegged Earwigs: Dead of unknown causes

  1. Dave,
    I believe WTb is either too polite or too busy to CORRECT YOU! Either way they are an honest service or they wouldn’t have allowed your ill informed post to pass.

    EARWIGS ARE NEVER LARVAE! They do not go through a larval stage-Their metamorphosis is called gradual or incomplete. The babies are born looking very similar to the adults and it is highly unlikely to see any of them regardless. The pest company you trashed for lack of knowledge knew this and therefore ruled out what you erroneously came up with and WTB identified the pic and that is all they ever promised to do.

    Perhaps you should apologize to both.


    • bugman says:

      Dear pestcemetery,
      Thanks so much for coming to our defense. We should have added the information you thoughtfully provided regarding immature earwigs and incomplete metamorphosis, an oversight on our part for sure to leave it out.

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