Dear Bugman,
My daughter found a cocoon-looking thing attached to some twigs this past winter. She brought it in and I pinned it to our bulletin board. I homeschool here in Michigan and thought it would be interesting to see if something "hatched" from it. Well, this morning we found tiny bugs that looked like miniature preying mantises on the cocoon. We were wondering what we should do with them now. It is still pretty cold here at night and the temperature only reaches the low 60’s on nice days. Is it too cold for them out side? Can we keep them indoors and wait till it gets warmer? What should we feed them?
The Tripp family

Hi Tripps,
Your newly hatched Mantids are a treat. They will begin to eat each other if they don’t have room to escape. If it is not freezing, you should release them.

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