found in spain
Howdy! My friend and i were walking around a small village in Murcia in the south of spain, catching some rays and visiting an old favoured place near a bridge. Along came this thing and i have not one clue what it is, so i snapped up a photo and decided to ask you. Its very dry in the south of span and we werent really near much grass or anything, but sitting on stone. Mainly near vinyards and dusty places. I tried to ask people that live here and look on the net but nothing came up since i dont really know where to start.
The Wandering Scottish Girl.

Hi Girl,
This is some species of Jumping Spider, family Salticidae.

Ed. Note: (05/03/2006) We stand Corrected!!
Hi Bugman, I noticed your recent picture of a “jumping spider” from Spain. This in fact is not a jumping spider but is the Ladybird Spider (Eresus cinnabarinus) of the family Eresidae. Hope this is of help.
Aaron in London

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the information. A websearch led us to a site from Capetown on the family Eresidae, known as Velvet Spiders.

Location: Spain

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