I was teaching some orders of aquatic insects along Little River in Van Damme state park (redwood forest; about 1 mile inland from ocean ; Mendocino County) And we saw this black insect. I am embarrassed that I couldn’t even figure out the order. The wings did not look like they had scales.
Teresa Sholars
Professor of Biological Sciences
Science Coordinator
Mendocino Coast Campus
College of the Redwoods

Hi Teresa,
We wish your photo was more detailed. We believe this to be a Caddisfly, Order Trichoptera. Renowned lepidopterist and Mt. Washington neighbor Julian Donahue just confirmed our identification. Here is what he has to say: “Nice website! I’ve actually been there before, and had already bookmarked it! I just never knew that you were a neighbor. And you’re correct about the caddisfly, although I can’t tell you what family it is.”

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