Giant Swallowtail

polka-dot wasp moth Hi Bugman, I found a polka-dot wasp moth caterpillars on my desert rose. Should I be concern? Also, I’ve attached a picture of a swallow tail taken outside my window. joanna Hi Joanna, The caterpillars will eat the leaves and the leaves will grow back. Unless the plant is infested, we would … Read more

Tiger Beetle Larva

odd creature I have found 3 of these little holes in my backyard, within 6 inches of each other. There is a little creature inside each one, but they are very cautious little things! I had to sneak up to get this picture, and it took several tries. They are usually hidden inside but occasionally … Read more

Nursery Web Spider

Nursery Web Spiders Love the site, though I would send these along. I’ve seen the Nursery Web Spiders on the site and they always mention protecting the eggs, but I saw no pictures of this. Here are ones I found in my yard in Leominster, MA. Enjoy. Todd Hamilton Hi Todd, Thanks for sending your … Read more

Virginia Oakworm

Two moths… Hi! Great site! My parents and I found a couple of interesting moths. I was hoping you could identify them for us. (Both were seen in Massachusetts…) My moth was about 1.5 – 2 inches long, top to tip. The body was fuzzy and BRIGHT ORANGE. Not very good for hiding in New … Read more

Female Giant Swallowtail

Mexican Swallowtail – Giant Swallowtail or Thoas Swallowtail? hi Bugman! I wrote a few weeks ago after I found a caterpillar I could not identify. I gave it a habitat and let it do it’s thing. I came home to a beautiful swallowtail yesterday! I originially thought it was an ‘orange dog’ caterpillar — but … Read more