We believe we have a Sow Bug Killer
My sons were exploring under paving stones in our yard and ran across this guy. We immediately jumped on your site to help us identify our newest member. Based on searching your photos, we believe that it is a Sow Bug Killer. Can you confirm?

Hi Melinda,
Yes, this is a Sow Bug Killer, Dysdera crocota.

One Response to Sow Bug Killer

  1. Haven’t tried the Clark zapper yet, right now it’s just an idea.

    I was looking at the conventional bug zapper in Home Depot, and noticed it has about 3/8″ spaces between the bars, this won’t work unless I can find a way to make it small enough so a mite can’t slip through it, or devise something that will fry them if they land, or fall, on it?

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