Red eyed Bug
Hi bugman,
I have bookmarked your site, as living in Florida presents many different bugs, most of which I hadn’t been able to identify. I expect that will change with the help of your site. I have a bug around the outside of my home that I haven’t seen before. It’s kind of shaped like a stink bug, likely a beetle, but after searching your site, I couldn’t find anything. I have attached a picture, the "grid" is a standard household screen so that may provide a size estimate seven squares = approx 1cm. I have many of this little critters around from about 1/2 this ones size, to a little larger. I’d love to know what this odd bug with the bright red eyes actually is.
Thank you,
Randy Baker
Spring Hill, FL

Hi there Randy,
This is an Eastern Boxelder Bug, Leptocoris trivittatus, in its immature form. Adults have wings. In the fall, nymphs and adults form large aggregations. They feed on juice in the foilage of boxelder, maple and deciduous fruit trees.

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