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Insect Question
I found this strange looking insect in the back garden. I am living in Galway, Ireland. I was wondering if you might be able to identify it ? I found it in the dogs food bowl. When I lifted it out of the bowl its back end lifted up into the air like a scorpion. Is it a harmful insect or is it a friendly. From looking at other sites it seems to be of the "Devils Coach Horse" family or could it be a Rove Beetle "platydracus stercorarius". I looked at some web site photo’s but none of them would have the colours like the one I found. Please find attached some photo’s of this insect. (note-I have cut the pictures from the original)
Thanking you in advance,
Jimmy Clancy
PS- What a great Site !!!

Hi Jimmy,
We agree that this is one of the Rove Beetles in the family Staphylinidae. The Devil’s Coach Horse, Ocypus olens (formerly Staphylinus olens), is a species of Rove Beetle introduced to the U.S. from Europe, but it is all black. In an effort to locate your species we did a google search of Rove Beetle Ireland and keep finding information about the endangered and possibly extinct Stenus palposus, but we cannot find a photo or description. If you properly identify your Rove Beetle or find an image of Stenus palposus, please provide us with a link.

Update: (04/29/2006)
Just to let you know I have spent the 12 hours or so trying to get more information on this Rove Beetle. From browsing all the different sites I now believe it is a STAPHYLINUS CAESAREUS BEETLE. There is at least 3 beetles that look very alike but when you closely look at the details they are all slightly different. The 3 different beetles are the Staphylinus Caesareus, Staphylinus Dimididiaticornis and the Staphylinus Erythropterus. I believe the match is the Staphylinus Caesareus ??? I have found several web sites with some very good photo’s and to be honest they seem to be very alike. I have also e-mailed some other government nature web sites etc..In Ireland & the UK to see if they can provide some information. I have also asked them if they can provide a photo of a Stenus palposus. I will let you know if they reply. If this is indeed a STAPHYLINUS CAESAREUS BEETLE can you tell me if this is also an Endangered Species ? From some of the UK web sites it classes it as a RDBI class ..Meaning “Probably extinct in Britain”. Please find attached some of the links I have found. I would be grateful if you might let me know what you think. Thanking you in advance
Jimmy Clancy

Hi Jimmy,
Wow, you did an amazing research job. Sadly, we aren’t prepared to give you a definitive answer, but we suspect your suspicion that this is probably Staphylinus caesareus is probably correct. Thank you for providing the site with common UK beetles that is labled National Insect Week. Now we are curious about the UK National Insect Week. Let us know what you find out from the government agency.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

9 Responses to Irish Rove Beetle: Possibly Endangered Species???

  1. Kristina A. Larson says:

    I believe one of these chaps has been hanging out in my living room for a while!
    Ellsworth, ME

  2. Aoife Nic Fhearghusa says:

    I just found one in my sitting room this morning! I placed it out on the window sill.


  3. HARRY says:

    Just saw one this afternoon in torquay devon and it at first like a small scorpion with its dark black body curling up with fire orange legs with a mix of orange and brown wings with an ant like head and the body was about 20mm long please let me know if my description is similar to your sighting as interested in what it is thanks HARRY

  4. Norma says:

    I took a photo of Rove beetle in my garden today on Cork.

  5. Norma says:

    I took a photo of it but don’t know how to put it up on this site. I look up the Rove Bettle ( Staphylinedae) I think.

  6. Lorraine says:

    Hi I found what I believe to be a rove beetle in my garden today it’s black are they dangerous ???

  7. Robert J Hamlin says:

    My name is Robert I live in North San Diego CA. United States .
    I have found on of these beetles by my shed but looks alot bigger then the pic of this beetle and the devil horse beetle. I have it in a cup right now

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