Strange household insect
I’ve been trying very hard to find a classification for it on google to no avail…the insect is very small, approximately 2 to 3 centimeters, and resembles a small version of the the toe-biter/giant water bug, except its body is almost completely flat. It has two large front legs that resemble pincers but are used for locomotion. It has a dull, dead-leaflike color and texture, and a very small, hairlike protrusion coming out the back. Any thoughts on what this might be? A few pictures are attached.
Rev. Alexander

Hi Reverand,
You have made us so very happy with your photo. This is a first for our site. This is a Waterscorpion, Nepa apiculata. There are two different genuses of Water Scorpions in North America, and we have received photos of the other, Ranatra, in the past. Waterscorpions are related to Giant Water Bugs known as Toe-Biters. Waterscorpions and Toe-Biters are both aquatic, but both also fly and are attracted to lights. The hairlike protrusion is a type of snorkle for breathing while submerged.

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