Toe Biter
Found this bug a couple of days ago when taking a rescue dog out to potty. She saw it and when she tried to sniff it, It took a hit at her nose. Fortunately she has good reflexes and avoided a bite. The picture shows the bug (inside a jar) on a rotary mat, each square constitutes one square inch. I figured this would give good scale on the size of this big beast. My kids wouldnt even let the bug sleep in the house and everyone was hung up on, "what the heck is it?" After i figured it out, I made a printout of the info on it and considering its the largest true bug in the continental united states, figured it would be a good one for my 11 year old son to take with him to school. Unfortunately it proved to be too much stress on the bug and she died while at school. Thought the clarity of the picture made this one worth sending in.
May Cross
Alanson MI
Ps. The kids at school named the bug Mr. Snickers.

Hi May,
Sorry to hear of Mr. Snickers demise, but any child will tell you that school can be a very stressful place. Do you quilt?

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