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Hi Bugman,
I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I have come across this beetle a bunch of times this past week. I recently bought a house and I have been seeing them around inside the house. I was hoping to identify him so I could find out if I should be concerned… beyond the fact that they scare my girlfriend. I included a close up and one with my thumbnail to get a size perspective. I also wanted to add that I have really enjoyed browsing your site and look forward to checking it out in the future. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any info on the bug in question. I would never have imagined there were so many interesting bugs I also included a personal favorite picture I took of a Praying Mantis if your interested in posting it. I brought my bamboo in from the balcony last year as the weather was turning and found this little guy a couple days later. I let him roam free in the apartment since I didn’t know what else to do and the weather was getting rather cold. Poor guy met his fate in a spider web though. The one picture is to give an idea as to the size of the mantis, the bamboo is perhaps a foot tall. Thanks in advance,

Hi Jeff,
Your beetle is not a beetle, but a True Bug, a Western Conifer Seed Bug. We get hundreds of photos of them and will not be posting yours. The “Mantis” is another story. This is not a mantis, but a Mantidfly or Mantispid, a Neuropteran. We are very excited by your photo as it is a new genus for us. It is Zeugomantispa minuta and we found it on BugGuide.

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