some photos for you
I happened across your web site today. I enjoyed all the pictures and letters. I though I’d send a few of my own bug pictures. The first few are obvious, they were found on the wall in front of my house. The second pair I happened to open the front door and posing prettily on my door was this Praying Mantis. They are very patient creatures I can say. I went in and out the door a few times and it never even budged. The last is one of my favorites. I was cutting the grass in the back yard and had to re-fuel the weed whacker. When I bent down to put gas in it I looked and this most wondrous site of a Cicada drying it’s wings after leaving it"s larvae shell. Most wondrous indeed! Summer is coming, I will surely take some more and pass them along if you’d like.
Benz in Gilbertsville PA

Hi Benz,
Thanks for sending in your photos. We especially like the mantis photo with the view of the yard.

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