Hi what’s that bug
We seem to have a problem in Cape Town S.A. with rat tailed maggots, the city council is telling us that we have nothing to worry about. The maggots have been found in the water supply in 4 seperate areas of Cape town, all within a 50 km radius. Some people have found them in their toilets, some through the taps. Is there a cover up? We have recently had power cuts and the sewerage treatment plants went into crisis and untreated sewerage was flowing freely back into the water supply. Would this be the reason for the infestation? We also have a huge growing population that is over stretching the sewerage treatment works. When a water official visited a house who found a maggot, he refused to drink the water in their house and told them they had an isolated infestation that he would have to sort out.! What’s your take on this and would you drink the water if you visited Cape Town this week? Please help, I am currently buying expensive purified water – need to know if I should get my own filter unit in my house.
Yours worried
Lan Karner
Cape Town, South Africa
p.s. good site, have recommended you to peeps already

Hi Lan,
We are taking the liberty of posting your letter with an old photo of a Rat-Tailed Maggot we received. Rat Tailed Maggots are the larva of Drone Flies and feed on decaying organic matter, including human and animal fecal material. Despite what officials say, we believe the water is tainted. One can’t be too cautious when it comes to raw sewage. Take precautions, though we doubt a filter is enough to remove microbes. We wouldn’t drink the water now, filter or not, and advise you to stick to bottled drinking water. Filter your bathing water and good luck.

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