Hi there bugman
I found this bug on christmas day last year (and what a great present it was!) in my garden in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been puzzling over him for a while, and still have no clue. I was guessing some sort of weevil? I’d really love to know for sure, since I plan to get my little buddy as part of a bug tattoo sleeve I’m planning. In one of the photos, I’m hoping you’ll be able to see the lovely iridescent spots he’s got going on. I absolutely love your site, it’s been very useful to me, not just for general bug wonderings, but for drawing this entire tattoo! Hopefully you can help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

Hi Ashleigh,
There is quite a bit of online information on your Botany Bay Weevil, Chrysolopus spectabilis. When you get that tattoo, we would love some photos of it.

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