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South African Luna Moth
We just came back from a trip to South Africa where we found this large luna moth on the wall of our lodge. It looks slightly different from its American cousins, but there is a family resemblence.
Diane & Mark

Hi Diane and Mark,
Your moth is surely Luna-like. This tailed Saturnid Moth is probably in a different genus than the Luna, but it is definitely in the same family. We might eventually have a species name.

Hi, I noticed the South African Luna Moth on your website and thought you would like to know it is Argema mimosae – commonly called either Luna Moth or Moon Moth. Kind regards
Aaron in London

Update: (03/15/2008) Moth identification
What’s That Bug: Giant Silk Moths The top picture on this page, “South African Luna(like) Moth,” dated 04/08/06, is of Argema mittrei, also known as the Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth. I came across a picture of it while searching for identification of another moth just prior to accessing your site. What a coincidence. I generally would not write this long after an entry was posted, but I found no other reference to this beautiful creature on whatsthatbug.com .
Michelle Gill

Hi Michelle,
We believe the moth in question looks more like Argema mimosae, and since Argema mittrei is found in Madagascar, and the moth in question was in South Africa, we believe the identification that Aaron in London provided long ago is the correct one. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we have now provided links from our entry.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to South African Luna(like) Moth: Argema mimosae

  1. Kimmyd says:

    Hi I.ve acrually been doing some private research myself of theses moths and I have been a little obsessed with the Luna moth for years now. I’m pretty sure that this picture is not a luna moth but is actually a madagacar comet moth, ( argemi mittrei ). It is the only moth that is very similar to the Luna but has extra long tails that are red with the yellow at the end. The Luna is generally a consistant pale to lime green throughout the entire wings, except the false eyes. While the Comet moth has wings that vary between yellow and green, with false eyes and spots.

  2. Frieda Scholtz says:

    South African Luna(like) Moth
    Where does it lay its eggs? We got one in our house that laid eggs on a wood board and we would like to put it outside, but the question is where?

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