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What’s this Beauty?
Dear Buggy,
I live in Singapore, a tropical island in South East Asia. I found this tiny beauty on my garden table one day. It’s so beautiful and wish to share with all of you but wonder what this is. Please help.

Hi Joe,
Though we don’t have an exact species for you, we can tell you this is a species of Hopper in the order Homoptera.

Update: (01/11/2007)
bug images on WTB
Dear Bugman,
I enjoyed visiting your site. It really doesn’t compete with BugGuide.net, since you have posted lots of foreign insects that they bar from that site. For example, you have some really nice photos of the primitive treehopper Aetalion (which is tropical). I thought you might like to know about the following:
(1) The “Indonesian hopper” is an immature planthopper, Fulgoroidea. The wax “tails” are quite distinctive for these bugs.
Thanks for helping to spread an interest in Homoptera. We need to encourage the amateur. I have been collecting photos of Homoptera for research and education purposes. I would request permission to use images on your Web site, with appropriate credit, for scientific papers and identification guides. So far I have more than 940 selected images. Please let me know the best way to contact your contributors to obtain their permission.
Andy Hamilton

Hi Andy,
We really appreciate all of the identifications you have provided for us. Sadly, we do not keep records of all the people who have written to our site and have no way of contacting them again.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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