Butterfly and moth
Hey bugman!
I couln’t find either of these bugs on your site, but I might have missed them somehow. Either way I just wanted a second opinion on the ID of these guys. The first attached picture is a moth that was on our back porch a couple of months ago. I have only ever heard them called ‘granny moths’. Dasypodia selenophora was the scientific name I found on another site but hey, I could be wrong. The other is a butterfly that landed on some wet washing on the line that looks kind of like the one at the bottom of your butterflies page. My search ended with the name Vanessa itea or Yellow Admiral. Anyway, thought you might like them even if I gave them the wrong names!

Yellow Admiral Granny Moth

Hi Dayna,
We do have a Yellow Admiral photo that arrived a few months ago. It is on our second butterfly page. The moth is one of the Owlet Moths, but we like the name Granny Moth. Even though your letter didn’t state a location, we are guessing you are in New Zealand.

Whoops I new I forgot something, sorry! I’m in South Australia. Close guess though.

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