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Unknown critter
I am not sure what I found. After a recent rain, I found the wormlike creature on my sidewalk. It was very flexible and even tied itself into a knot and was able to untangle itself. My first thought was a centipede or millipede, but I could discern no feet or antennas on it. Nor did I see any segmentation. The diameter of it was so small, that I could not tell through my fingers what it felt like, although it seems to have a hard skin (exoskeleton). It wasn’t soft like a worm. In the picture, I believe the head is in the lower right corner, away from the penny. It wasn’t easy trying to get it in focus. I let the guy (gal?) go. Most likely I will never see another one again. (If it helps to identify it, I live in La Crescent, MN)
Greg Watson

Hi Greg,
Your is one of two letters that arrived the same day with images of a Horsehair Worm or Gordian Worm. The other letter is from Nebraska. We found a great site with more information.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Nora Alcock says:

    I have a heavy rain today. I have found something that looks like this angil hair spaghetti size ,looks like snake or worm on my patio and driveway. some look plae and one of the ones on driveway was black. very hard couldn’t crush it.

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