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Parasite Worm?
I.m thinking some kind of parasitic worm. This was found in my “rain barrel” – a 55 gal plastic drum stocked with water plants fish, snails, tadpols, frogs & who knows what else. The head looks as if it may have “suckers” on the underside – wasn’t able to get a picture of the underside though. This is about 10-15 mm long when streched out. Thanks

My apologies – I found the Arrow-Headed Flatworm on your worms page. The worm I have must have been young – As I stated 10-15 mm. Feel free to post the picture though – I think it shows good head detail. I loveyour site. It’s been a great help with “identifying bugs”

Hi Bnuts,
Glad you identified your Arrowheaded Flatworm, a species of Planarium, before we had a chance to answer.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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