Sow Bug Killer

We believe we have a Sow Bug Killer My sons were exploring under paving stones in our yard and ran across this guy. We immediately jumped on your site to help us identify our newest member. Based on searching your photos, we believe that it is a Sow Bug Killer. Can you confirm? Thanks Melinda … Read more

Eastern Boxelder Bug Nymph

Red eyed Bug Hi bugman, I have bookmarked your site, as living in Florida presents many different bugs, most of which I hadn’t been able to identify. I expect that will change with the help of your site. I have a bug around the outside of my home that I haven’t seen before. It’s kind … Read more

Underwing Moth

Underwing moth Hello, We found this moth in our backyard in Austin, Texas. We think it is an underwing moth but aren’t sure which one. Can you help? Thanks! The Stences Hi Stences, You are correct. This is an Underwing Moth in the genus Catocala. There are so many similar looking species it would take … Read more

Central American Cockroach

Unknown cockroach species Hi, Bugman! I love your site! Fascinating and one of my most frequent references. I wish there were a Bug Guide type site for Central America because that’s where I live and find my little beauties. I did send you one photo of a strange new cockroach, but haven’t heard anything from … Read more