Luna Moth

Thank you so much. I am attaching 3pics of a Luna moth. hope you enjoy them – looking it up is what led me to your site (google). Again you are amazing, thanks Kathy Hi again Kathy, Thanks for the follow-up letter, and it brings up an interesting possibility. Luna Moth Cocoons are nearly always … Read more

Argiope aurantia devours Grasshoppers

Mystery spider – big! We live in rural Maine, and this spider was on my garage last fall. Can you help me identify it? You’re more than welcome to use the pic on your site, if you’d like. Thanks! Christine, Maine Hi Christine, Your spider is Argiope aurantia, and it has numerous common names including, … Read more

Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

help… Your site is wonderful. We have just moved from Southern Calif to South Carolina and would like to learn the flora and fauna here in south. I photographed this cocoon and have been watching it closely but if I miss it I would sure like to know what I missed. Thanks, Kathy Hi Kathy, … Read more