Black Widow: Virgin Birth???

widow egg sac Hi, I wrote a while back and asked about keeping a young black widow I found in a box of supermarket firewood. I have had her now for several months, and have been keeping her in a container that has six 2-3mm holes for air. She’s quite happy – I feed her … Read more

Wireworm and Flatbacked Millipede

HELP! Hello! We could really use some help identifying the two bugs below. They were found beneath old logs in Southern Kentucky. Thanks! Heather Allen Wireworm Flatbacked Millipede Hi Heather, Because today is a California Holiday, C Update:  May 10, 2015 Today while searching our archives for Wireworm images for a new Wireworm posting, we … Read more

Orchard Spider and Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver

Hi There! I want to offer you some bugs and spiders, free!!!!!! I Love your website and I also love spiders and insects and all the critters on earth! I am a photographer { hobby-not professionally} and have some photographs that I would love to donate to your website, free, {taken by me, so not … Read more


Big Bug in Pennsylvania This big bug (about 2.5 in ) was in our garage in Western Pennsylvania. We found it in the evening on March 30th after a warm day. We looked at several websites to identify it but couldn’t match it exactly. It looks like the body of a roach but the upper … Read more