Here’s a photo of a musk-mare – didn’t know what it was ‘till I found your website. Thought you’d like a decent photo of the pair. Also, you helped me identify a mole cricket today. Strangest thing I’ve seen in a while. Thanks.
Gene Browning
Melbourne FL

Hi Gene,
Your photo of Mating Two-Lined Walkingsticks, or Muskmares, is great. Stay clear of the noxious fluid they are capable of spraying into your eyes.

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  1. Elizabeth Theus says:

    I came across these striped walking sticks & thought the smaller one on the big ones back was a baby..after reading about the toxin they spray im so paranoid that it sprayed me as i carefully tried to trap it to get a closer look..would the spray be obvious or am i just being paranoid? Silly question i know..

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