CA Prionus
Dear Bugman,
Thanks for such a fun and educational site – now that I’ve found it (a friend forwarded the link) I’m adding it to my Favorites list. Thought you might like a couple of photos of one of the California prionus beetles that visited our carport last year. We’re in northern CA, in the Auburn area and they’re fairly frequent visitors in the summer. I love the screeching sound they make – creepy and cool at the same time. I can’t recall exactly, but that sound is either made by them rubbing wing against wing or hind leg against wing – I’ll have to gently harass one this year to find out 🙂
Ann Ranlett
Nature Illustrations & Pet Portraits

Wow Ann,
Your photos are beautiful. He sure is a handsome male specimen. We have been trying to find information on the stridulation of Prionus Beetles, but have been unable to locate any information quickly. We eagerly await your assessment. Also, we linked to your awesome site.

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