Big Bug in Pennsylvania
This big bug (about 2.5 in ) was in our garage in Western Pennsylvania. We found it in the evening on March 30th after a warm day. We looked at several websites to identify it but couldn’t match it exactly. It looks like the body of a roach but the upper part seems to have pinchers more like a boring beetle. Please help if you can.

Hi Travis,
What a great photo of a Toe-Biter, or Giant Water Bug. They are aquatic, but also fly. They are attracted to lights and are sometimes called Electric Light Bugs, which could explain how it was drawn to your garage.

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  1. Cheryl Roderiques says:

    I am from Gauteng in Johannesburg South Africa.
    Just found a giant water bug at work, but thought they could only be found in Natal.

    Are they commonly found in Gauteng Johannesburg?

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