bugs from trip to Slovak Paradise
we have found these two beetles in Slovakia Paradise, could you please write some information about them, we are looking forward specially for information about this strange thing (cocoon,egg maybe) on back side of big beetle. We spend over two hours observing this beetle, she brougth out and in this cocoon, but nothing happend at the end. Female fall asleep :-).

Hi Kris,
Your first beetle is one of the Prionid Borers in the Subfamily Prioninae, but we are not sure of the species. This female is swollen with eggs and the ovipositor was was being “unsheathed” into the position for egg laying. The beetle would use the ovipositor to deposit eggs beneath the surface of bark on trees. Your second beetle is a Bee-Mimic Flower Scarab in the Tribe Trichiini.

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