Hi There! I want to offer you some bugs and spiders, free!!!!!!
I Love your website and I also love spiders and insects and all the critters on earth! I am a photographer { hobby-not professionally} and have some photographs that I would love to donate to your website, free, {taken by me, so not stolen from any sites. If you can use them. I will be happy…and think that I have quite a few you may enjoy. I use a canon eos digital rebel, with macro, so my shots are not too shabby, though I am still working on not jumping and losing my focus when the spiders decide to jump in my lens: haha! I am Terri S. Heisele, and the pictures I give you are stamped, so you may probably be able to see the date stamp and info in properties if you right click them. I have re-sized them a bit and you may need to re-size as well to fit your site if you want to use them. I saw you had no photo of a spider that a lady asked about that looks like it has a smiley face on it….so maybe you can update your site with my photo…? I am including a spiny orb weaver {or two} and some odd little spider, tiny, that I photo’d on my own hand-then same spider much clearer on a stone patio table. I hope you enjoy using them, and please feel free to ask me if you need any specific species in Florida { EXCEPT ANY MEMBER OF THE COCKROACH FAMILY} as it is the one species I will run thru a wall to get away from! {not kidding!haha} I am a copyrighted photographer on the site Caedes.net known as Madmaven, and the photo I am submitting to you today of the “smiley face spider” and also one pic of my spiny orb spiders are on CAEDES, so don’t be alarmed, as they belong and are copyrighted to me, and my name in full is on site under madmaven. I hope you like these, and feel free to ask for my help anytime! FREE! 🙂 Best Wishes,
Terri S. Heisele
in St. Petersburg, Florida
PS: Your wonderful site helps me id many insects before I post them, so THANK YOU! I also love that you help educate people on all the wonderful living creatures around us!

Hi Terri,
Thanks for your letter and generous supply of images. For now, we only have time to post two of the spider images. The smiley faced spider you sent is actually an Orchard Spider in the genus Leucauge. The spiny spider can also be thought of as having a smiley face, and that is the Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver, Gasterocantha cancriformis.

Location: Florida

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  1. Jennifer Nigh says:

    I have one of these “smiley face” spiders by my back door that took over a web from the former tenant (a beautiful Golden Spider) what are they & is it normal for them to take over/evict other spiders or is it possible that my Golden Orb spider moved on?

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