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Three species in one???
Howdy kind bug people!
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA) I found this guy while repainting my garage last summer (2005) and have off and on tried to identify it and talk with people about it. Just found your site this morning and spent a few hours looking at photos trying to find something closely resembling my specimen. Nothing looked similar so I hope dearly that this post is not wasting your time and gives a proper challenge to experts in the field. The pictures are poor because i was on a ladder and had bad sun issue and an older digital camera that is not well suited to detailed closeup shots. Anyway, the body of this guy looked to be wasp-like, but the head and front two legs were almost definately mantis-like. The closest thing I could conclude about the wings is that they look similar to a cicada. Needless to say, i’m stumped. I respect all forms of life, though a few bugs can send my body into the flight or fight response. I kept my calm and so did this guy as he did not seem to mind my presence and only moved slightly when I got very close with the camera. Image breakdown: 0851.jpg and 0852.jpg are about the best shots I have for the overall picture of the insect. the forearms are fairly visible under the head tucked up in the "praying" pose. four legs visible under thorax and wing definition is clear. 0859.jpg is blurry but I included it because it shows the profile of the forearms as the insect moved and stretched them out. Very "paddle like" that may have some leaf-camoflauge purpose. 0863.jpg and 0864.jpg also show profile but in good focus that reveals antennae. Also of note (i think), the thorax in profile shows a good bit wider than the abdomen. Not sure what this could be, but doesn’t quite look right in my mind’s eye. Ok, that’s my crude analysis. If you need more information about what I saw, please feel free to write me back. I know you are swamped with reader mail, but I do hope you can help me out with Identifying this perpelexing creature!

Of course right after i send the email do i stumble upon the Lacewing section (thought it would be more moth/butterfly like so never checked it) and found the picture of the Mantispid from Detroit. Very similar to the specimen I found. Sorry to bother you, but thanks for the site, now I can rest easy(ier). cheers,

Hi Dan,
Thank you for using our site to identify your Mantispid. Your specimen is, we believe, in the genus Mantispa.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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