Need help on unknown wasp?
Hi we just came across this "Wasp?" in our yard. We have never seen this type before, it was approx 2" long and was dragging a rather large huntsman spider.I was hoping you could tell me what it is?
Many thanks
Susan…from Australia

Hi Susan,
First off, we want to appologize for taking a few days to get back to you. We don’t have much time to answer questions and some days we get tons of mail. When we opened your images today, we got very excited. We did a google search of spider wasp Australia, and were lead quickly to this site that identifies your Spider Wasp as Cryptocheilus bicolor, and specifically mentions its fondness for Huntsman Spiders. The site states: “Spider Wasps are active in gardens during summer months. The Spider Wasp most commonly encountered is Cryptocheilus bicolor . This is a very large (up to 35 mm long) black wasp with orange wings and legs and a broad orange band around its abdomen. It holds its wings up when resting but flicks them when it hops and runs about on its long legs. Spider wasps are often seen digging in soft sandy soil, dragging huntsman spiders along. “

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