Another Indian Mantis
Similar to Rohan’s Pink Mottled Indian Mantid which I found in your site is this beauty I found outside my door in Chennai, Southern India, last night. I very much regret, having been something of an insect lover all my life, that India has turned me into a mass murderer, and that I am using UV killers to despatch the many, many mosquitoes that otherwise make my life hell. It is interesting though, that the one on the landing outside my door quickly became part of the local eco-system: on day one it was full of bodies. Ever after it has been full of ants! Hey guys! New meat shop just opened up! This fellow (or lady?) too, seems to have realised that it is a good thing to sit near to catch things that fly to it. How about the length of that neck? How about the leaf-like detail on the legs and head? Utterly wonderful! I’m calling it Leaf Mantis: got a proper name for it? Just been told about your site. It’s fantastic. I’ll be back! One more question: what is the difference between a bug and a beetle?
Thank You!
Nick H.
Chennai, India

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your great letter and beautiful photo. Sorry, we don’t know what species of Mantid you have. Exotica is often very difficult to properly identify because of the dearth of information available. Beetles have complete metamorphosis and chewing mouthparts. True Bugs have incomplete metamorphosis and sucking mouthparts.

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