mexican tailless whipscorpion – possible undescribed species
I came accross your site while looking for information on a bug my friend found at his house. I found a pic that is the same on your site, and your description said that you had never seen one before. It was found north of manzanillo, in mexico in the one on your site. The one my friend found was here where we live right in manzanillo. It’s called a cancle by the locals, and most of them have never actually seen one, but for the ones that have they seem pretty scared of it. They say it’s more deadly then their deadliest scorpian here. They say the red clawlike things in the front can sting u and kill u in less than 5 mins. I would really like to know if this is true or not, but there just is nothing anywhere about this species! do you know anymore about it? i’m attaching a pic of a dead one that my friend found.

Hi Janet,
Someone named Scootro also sent this image in to us for identification today, and he described it as a “crab-scorpion-lobster-spider” which is somewhat accurate. Tailless Whipscorpions do not have venom and are not poisonous. Despite the fierce appearance, they are harmless to people, but predators to other arthropods.

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