pics of pseudoscorpion
We just moved to CO last May. A couple of months after moving in I found what I thought was a tick on my shirt. When I brought it into the bathroom to flush it-it started waving these little arms around! I took some pics and put the skeevy little thing in a cup so I could look it up. Your website is INSANE. I found out that I have a useful little thing called a pseudoscorpion! I let it go outside. A couple of nights ago I found another one while taking a shower. I took some better pics and put it in our spare room instead of outside. It’s too cold out right now, and if it’s in here it’s probably eating stuff I don’t want to know about anyway. I thought you might like to see them so here they are!
Kim K. in Colorado Springs

Thank you Kim,
Your photos are quite beautiful.

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