What is this thing
We found this in Huntington Beach CA and were not too sure what it is. Its about 2.5" long.

Hi Matt,
We get so many requests for identifications of certain creatures that we like to always have images of them on our homepage. Potato Bugs and House Centipedes are very high on that list and had you scrolled down our page, you would have found a Potato Bug. We will now replace that photo with your very dramatic image. Potato Bugs are also known as Jerusalem Crickets.

2 Responses to dramatic Potato Bug photo!!!

  1. Otterpaw says:

    I always knew them as potato bugs, never heard of Jerusalem cricket. Kind of scary looking. But what I want to know is do they bite? I never picked on up and the last time I saw on was when I was in elementary school. May my nightmares ensue lol.

  2. penney says:

    cot a patato bug in my front yard. slc,ut, never seen anything like this in my life

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