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unknown eggs? and spider
Hello, I came across what I think may be some insect eggs. They were bright red and attached to the underside of a fallen log.
Also, I came across this little spider in a clearing in the same patch of mixed woods in southeastern Georgia. Any ideas what either may be?

Hi Anthony,
The spider is an Araneus Orb Weaver, and we suspect the eggs might be some species of Moth. Moths often lay eggs in clusters that resemble this. The vast quantity has us baffled though, and we wouldn’t rule out an odd type of fungus. It is difficult to tell from a photograph.

Thanks for the info, I had collected some of those “eggs” in hopes of hatching them, I checked them again today; they had turned dark brown. I looked a little closer and saw tiny stalks so I lightly brushed them and they puffed. Odd fungus indeed.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. wendy says:

    I was searching the web to find out about this type of “growth” on the outside of my fabric dirt pots that I am using to grow potatoes. From everything I read, I thought it was potato bug eggs/larvea. So I bought some diatamaceous earth as well as peppermint extract. The diatamaceous earth is supposed to kill the bugs, and the peppermint oil it to deter insects from eating the plants … but, when i sprayed the peppermint water on the “eggs” they smoked or puffed (as you say) … so it must be a fungus.

    I think that I have it pinpointed down to which product I bought .. as I have made different mixtures of potting soil and only this particular one has this mold. It also is growing some little umbrella like mushroom/fungus.

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