Mating Papilio anchisiades and Mating Atlas Moths in the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Porn Hi bugfolks, I recently visited a butterfly garden, and was shocked by the decidedly R-rated display of wantonness. Under every leaf, exhibitionist butterflies and moths were getting it on… It was possibly the best date of all times. Here are a few of my favorite voyeur shots for your Bug Love section, hope … Read more

Large Grasshopper from Venezuela

Venezuelan Grasshopper Hallo Bugman, this Grasshopper lives in the south of Venezuela. Locals said, it is the biggest Species there. Christian Hi Christian, Thanks for all the photos you sent in. It will take some time to post them all, but we will try. Hopefully, womeone will write in and identify some of your creatures.

Cactus Longhorn

Unknown beetle Hi. Stuart from Tucson again. This time I have an unidentified beetle hanging out on an ocotillo in the back yard. Looks like it could be a species of long horn beetle but I am not sure. The speciman was approximately 1 – 1 1/4 inches from head to toe (not including the … Read more

Golden Orb Web Spider from China

Chinese Spider Hi, Any thoughts on what this spider might be? We came across hundreds in our recent travels to southern China, mostly right at head height in the trees! Cheers Michael Hi Michael, We believe this is a female Nephila clavata, the Golden Orb Web Spider, which we have identified in Korea and also … Read more