Ceanothus Silk Moth

Spectacular Moth… But What is It? Dear Bugman: My family loves your site, especially since we move often and recently moved to southern California. My four young kids have discovered all sorts of new bugs here – and I was so grateful to have discovered a potato bug on your site – the first one … Read more

Katydid Eggs

Another for your eggs page? Hi. 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your site for months (some people would probably say I’ve been enjoying it too much; I think the whole household is getting tired of being called in to see some weird/beautiful/crazy bug!). It’s helped me with several buggy identity questions. But, finally I’ve got one … Read more

Trapdoor Spider

Large spider in Austin I found this guy climbing up my house on a cool rainy night in Austin. Body about 1 1/2" in length. Maybe a male trapdoor spider? Jason. Hi Jason, We agree with your identification. Either the rains flood the burrows causing the spiders to travel, or more likely, the rains trigger … Read more

Giant Crane Fly

Crane fly species (large!) Here’s a Crane Fly species… I’m in the San Francisco Bay area, is there an endemic species hereabouts? Those are rose bush leaves that it’s landed on… Total size, (including legs) was larger than my hand – and I’ve got large (male) hands! I now realize I should’a provided information on … Read more