The Itsy Bitsy Spider sat on a waterplant, next to the pond in Buenos Aires, Argentina, The sneaky, weirdy guy, knelt down for a shot and Itsy Bitsy Spider smiled in response! Anyway, just wondering what this cute little guy is called!
Thanks a lot,

Hi Cris,
Wow, what a great photo of a great spider. We know it is one of the Orb Weavers, but have never seen the species. Looks like it might be related to the Micrathena spiders. We might be able to locate something more concrete in web searching.

Update January 25, 2016:  Actinosoma pentacanthum
Thanks to a comment that just arrived, we are able to put a name to this stunning image from a ten year old posting.  Insekten and FlickR both verify the name Actinosoma pentacanthum.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

3 Responses to Spiny Orb Weaver from Argentina: Actinosoma pentacanthum

  1. Robin says:

    Devil crab orbweaver

  2. Joot says:

    The depicted spider is Actinosoma pentacanthum, a 5-spined orbweaver. 🙂

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