Mating Leichardts Grasshopper ~ Rare
I sent in a big locust pic about 7 weeks ago and thought immediately of your site when I saw this amazing grasshopper on my trip to the Northern Territory of Australia. My boyfriend and I had a guide take us into the bush for the day and one of the spots was a restricted road to an old Uranium mine. According to her it’s one of the very few places you can see this grasshopper. Hope you like it.
Adrinna Hardy
P.S. The other pic is of a big dangerous plastic cockroach we left as a gift for the next person to find when they opened the box to get the parks information pamflets. hehehe

Hi Adrinna,
You are such a trickster. Thanks so much for the photo of Leichardt’s Grasshopper, and mating to perpetuate the species. We will do some web research on the species and provide an additional link. If we can figure out how to link to a pdf file, we will provide the only online information we could locate on Petasida ephippigera, a Northern Australian icon.

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