Probably MOth Eggs

eggs on house in florida
Bugman (bugwoman?),
Please help, I’ve searched your egg site and several other sites and several bug books with no solid answer. The attached photo of eggs were found on the side of my house in South Florida. Collectively they are about the size of a fingerprint. In fact, I thought this smudge on my house was a leftover mark from yardwork.
These eggs were found near two potted tomato plants, on the west side of the house. They are flesh colored or pale peach. I discovered them this past weekend (Feb 18, 2006). What do you think they are?

Hi Judy,
Eggs are very difficult to positively identify, but we suspect they are moth eggs. Our first choice is one of the Tiger Moths in the family Arctidae, followed by a Giant Silk Moth in the family Saturnidae.

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